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Everyday baked from scratch with the finest ingredients, of course. Move over the pictures to find out the name of the cupcakes. Or click on the pictures to see them in our Gallery.

1. Apple crumble
Cinnamon and fresh Granny Smith apple sponge cupcake, spiced compote of apples and raisins, buttercream, Monin apple syrup, vanilla buttercream, granola crumble, fondant apple decor

2. Banana chocolate chip
Chocolate chip, walnut and fresh banana cupcake, lemon cream cheese, fondant banana decor

3. Lemon meringue
Light fresh lemon sponge, home made fresh lemon curd, crisp meringue

4. Chocolate vanilla
Chocolate sponge, vanilla buttercream

5. Chocolate ganache
Chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache décor, buttercream, edible gold dust

6. Chocolate peanut butter
Chocolate sponge, peanut butter flavoured buttercream, fondant decor

7. Chocolate Nutella
Chocolate sponge, hazelnut Monin infusion, Nutella flavoured buttercream, M&M decor

8. Vanilla Nutella
Vanilla sponge, hazelnut Monin infusion, nutella buttercream, fondant decor

9. Vanilla Hello Kitty
Vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream, Hello Kitty fondant decor

10. Carrot walnut and lemon
Walnut, fresh carrots, lemon zest spongecake, lemon cream cheese, carrot fondant decor

11. Vanilla raspberry
Vanilla sponge, raspberry Monin syrup, raspberry puree buttercream, raspberry macaroon

12. Red velvet cream cheese
Chocolate red velvet buttermilk sponge cake, lemon cream cheese frosting, red velvet fondant decor

13. Red velvet orange
Chocolate red velvet buttermilk sponge cake, lemon cream cheese frosting, candied orange zest decor

14. Vanilla green tea
Vanilla sponge, Japanese green tea buttercream, handmade fondant decor

15. Gingerbread man
Vanilla sponge, gingerbread spices, buttercream, handmade German gingerbread man, Royal icing

16. Blueberry cheesecake
Cheesecake, blueberry compote, crumbled biscuits

17. Strawberry cheesecake
Cheesecake, strawberry compote, miniature marshmallow, buttercream

18. Passionfruit cheesecake
Cheesecake, passionfruit glaze, meringue, buttercream

19. Passionate Joob Joob
Eggless fresh passionfruit puree cupcake base, buttercream frosting, passionfruit glaze, fondant decor

20. Chocolate Oreo
Chocolate sponge base, Oreo crumb flavoured buttercream, Oreo biscuit decor

21. Vanilla Oreo
Vanilla sponge base, Oreo crumb flavoured buttercream, Oreo biscuit decor

22. Eggless blueberry
Egg free cupcake base with fresh blueberries, cream cheese frosting, blueberry glaze

23. Banoffee
Banana and caramelized condensed milk, caramel with praline topping

24. Tiramisu
Chocolate coffee sponge cake, mascarpone coffee ladyfinger topping, cocoa powder

25. Chocolate coffee
Chocolate and espresso sponge cake, Monin coffee syrup, espresso buttercream, vanilla buttercream, chocolate coated espresso bean, gold dust powder

26. Triple chocolate
Chocolate sponge cake base, bittersweet chocolate flavoured buttercream, milk chocolate ganache décor

27. All mango
Mango sponge cake (eggless), mango buttercream, mango compote, fondant décor

28. Chocolate and roses
Chocolate sponge cake with Monin rose syrup infusion, rose flavoured buttecream rose décor

29. Raspberry white chocolate
Vanilla sponge, Monin raspberry syrup, white chocolate ganache buttercream, raspberry glaze, chocolate décor

30. Hummingbird
Southern hummingbird cake – banana, pecan and pineapple with cinnamon, cream cheese, fondant decor